Thursday, April 03, 2008

Invite Boredom

Listening to the Invigilator : Digbeth discussion I was struck by oblique and direct references to boredom - the gallery invigilators job being referred to as sometimes boring.

When transposed to an outside space where the invigilator has to stand or sit and simply 'watch over' then the space and the action of simply watching over it sets up an interaction that is boring in such a way that it can transcend boredom if we let it... The space becoming bored of the invigilator throws up new facets new resonances between it and the 'watcher over' the 'invigilator'.

A couple of Invigilator : Digbeth participants said that they found the invigilating very zen like - another not at all - the invigilating passed-by with a contrived doing - a counting of and classification of vehicles passing through the invigilated space. Such actions are invoked by the space itself as it is watched over - after all it was only chance that the space invigilated happened to have cars passing through it - this counting this classifying borne out of the possibility of boredom.

"INVITE BOREDOM" - paul conneally 2008

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Walk The Line

3 Estates Kings Norton Birmingham UK

Create Your Own

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Circle of Fire Renga Ramble

Renga Ramble
Sheffield Crookes Quarry Allotments

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hawkesley Square - Walk the Line

this walk

is mind blowing

white whispery clouds

les littlehales

Walk the Line - Kings Norton 3 Estates August 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007



Fancy a nice summer Sunday stroll, a short journey with surprise elements and a picnic thrown in? Then on August 12th join artist/historian Maurice Maguire with haiku poet and artist Paul Conneally and others on a guided journey through the changing landscape of the Birmingham Kings Norton 3 Estates.

Starting from the Masshouse Members Club, a short walk along the canal towpath will take you to the entrance of the Kings Norton canal tunnel - the Wast Hill Tunnel. We will then trace the above ground route of the tunnel as it runs underneath the 3 Estates, over the Wast Hill to the Hopwood end of the tunnel.

As this is roughly two miles suitable shoes should be worn. Transport will be available to complete the return journey to a picnic/buffet and discussion including a poetry reading back at the Kings 3 Café on The Fold.

Over the past 200 years, the canal has been the one constant feature of this area. The contours of the landscape we see today were formed to a great extent by the excavations carried out during its construction. How the Kings Norton 3 Estates area has developed in the past and particularly how it may develop in the future is the theme for what promises to be an entertaining and informative journey.

The event is free. To book your place, and for further details please call Rita Fletcher on 07877503392 or email to

Remember to switch off any appliances, lights etc before leaving home.


Thursday, June 14, 2007




photograph by kev ryan

from first dawn
by day or star-light
everlasting motion

little jimmy norcliffe
he looked after me
sorted me out
with a good shovel
and a pair of wellingtons

high objects
the mean and vulgar
works of man

showed me how to dig
without hurting my back
to lay concrete slabs
write out betting slips
on a bag of cement

enduring things
life and nature

paul conneally



paul conneally nikki pugh kevin ryan



Monday, June 11, 2007

CHONGQING - Walk to Work

Walk to Work
paul conneally & kevin ryan 2007

I asked artist Kevin Ryan to map out his normal route to work in Loughborough UK as a series of LEFTS RIGHTS and STRAIGHTS and to then transpose this journey to Chongqing in China where Kev was visiting on a British Council funded visit exploring the sharing of approaches to art and do some work where ever he ended up.

So one morning Kev set of to 'walk to work' in Chongqing on reaching his 'work destination' Kev went about photographing the area doing about 2 hours work. Click on the image below to take you to Chongqing 'Walk to Work' slide show:

This is the first piece coming out of 'Walk to Work' more pieces will follow as walks are gathered from around the world and transposed to different parts of the world. A major new 'Walk to Work' piece 'Invigilator' with artist Nikki Pugh is currently in process.