Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Graveyard Walk

Southampton, UK
May 2006

As someone who's poetry is completely bound up with walking the land I'm intrigued by your project, and would be interested to find out more.

Our graveyard walk took place on 13th May.

There were four of us: myself, my wife Robin Furth, Alison Williams and Alan Summers.

The walk took place on the Southampton Common, and took in the old graveyard there and which seemed to provide the most inspiration.

Myself: well, I live in the New Forest, go on long walks as often as possible, have always walked a lot, but the crucial relation of walking to my poetry didn't emerge until our 12 year stint living in the Maine woods... I'd be interested in getting involved in any projects bringing walking and poetry together...

in the graveyard
stone pages
printed with lichen

the weight of the bumblebee
draws down
the clover

rising from
the overgrown grave
the ant nest

up through the crack
in the fallen gravestone
fiddleheads unfurl

Mark Rutter
New Forest, UK

Photos: Alan Summers, Bristol, UK

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